decided to do a samurai pose with the demoman and scout, no real editing except for DOF and a little bloom, more at the link below if you wish to see them


need to work on the posing

Yeah, posing is not realist enough. Characters are too “rigid” imo :s

I know, I spent like 40 min trying to get the demoman’s posing interesting and natural, but I gave up and did a simple standing pose,but yea your right.

yea…otherwise from that is still like it. simple, yet looks good

Have you got Dtmech’s better phys TF2 ragdolls?

yessir, but the problem I had was making the posing less “stiff” and “boring” also what did you think of the camera angle? I know im not to good at that.

Wait the Demo and the Scout are red,also I don’t like the lighting.

whats wrong with the lighting?

It’s a touch bland.

I see,Like I said I did no real editing cept for little bloom and DoF, but thanks for the comments and Ill try to improve

Super DoF works again?

Only for some, I’m afraid…

Scout’s posing is pretty good, actually. But as you said, it’s the demoman that needs work. But Tf2 ragdolls are a bitch to pose.

Mhm, yes the posing of the demoman is pretty stiff.

Clench the right fist and raise the shoulders a bit.

The Afro Samurai next.