can someone please create a samurai ragdoll?
there badass, i wonder why no ones has realesed on yet

i agree, there should be samurai’s…

to go with the countless ninja’s

ahaha yea, it would be awsome to pose a samurai / ninja war

Could you be a little more in depth here?

I think he just wants a traditional (or cliché) Japanese samurai, no actual rank or specialization specified.

thanks exorade :]
yeah i was going to post a pic, the same one u did by the way, but i dident have time to.
also thats a sexy pic

I’d say the best bet would be the basic sengoku period leather armor with the basic helmet and baggy pants but without any cloth vests or capes. But of course include the flag.

and the mask.

There’s a few mask models from the NeoTokyo stuff.
And some shinguard props too.

We’re of course talking about a ragdoll with full body armor, not just a helmet and shinguards. :confused:

There’s this guy from a Fallout 3 expansion. Maybe someone could port him.