I looked “samurai” up on , but nothing useful came up. Could someone please make or port a Samurai from somewhere? Unfortunately, Deadliest Warrior is not for PC or Mac. Unless someone knows how to port across platforms.

PS: Why can I insert this image?

Fixed that for you.;101611

Holy shit, porting that pack I support.


I’ll port it.

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It will take a while though. Doing the Jedi Academy ones.

I support this because Samurai can kick viking butt! (Deadliest Warrior Reference)

So…having issues…but I know how to fix it.

TheLaughingGod port it and youll be the best. garrysmod need some samurais

Working on it. :smiley:

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Anyone have experience with porting? Having a few difficulties. I’m rigging as well.

I’m close to ragequiting. But I will keep trying till I can’t take it anymore.

if you dont get it all. tell me where can i learn porting jedi knight things. im not a modder but i can always learn something new.
also i really want those samurai’s lol

Those pieces of shit have no place in Gmod. I forbid you from porting them.

You’re better off porting from Shogun 2.

I unfortunately was unsucessful…stupid .GLM models are a pain, plus they look shitty. Shogun 2 you say?

Well Shogun 2 was an idea since the models look fantastic, but I looked into it and unfortunately there are currently no modding tools for the game. Until there is, there’s no way to rip the models.

And don’t rate me dumb dottlerkletch, I can say whatever the hell I want about my own models thank you very much.

You can get those from Sainst Row 3.

There’s a tool to open the .pack files from Shogun2, although I think it’s mainly textures.

There is, but no tool to import the meshes.

Doesn’t Fallout 3 have a samurai armor in mother ship zeta?