Samus Aran Model

I ripped model and textures of samus aran fron metroid prime 2.
but i don´t know to port this for hl2 or cs:s zombie mod :frowning:

if interested for someone…

samus-dae Format [DAZ Studio 3]
samus 3ds Format

Sorry for bad english.

Dude, there already IS a model out. Search

Actually I was going to say that earlier but i’m pretty sure the one that your referring to is Mario’s SSBM Samus (which does look the same), so it’s possible this model may be different (doubt it though). Thats is unless Medrop actually got round to porting those Metroid models.



Yes they are all Samus models… but not that Samus model.

The first one is the closest to what he’s asking for. The only difference I see is the texture. (The Echoes one being slightly lower)

I thought you didn’t know about these either.

True it is closest ^^

I did know about them (and have them :P) but I didn’t know they were from Medrop’s stuff (as I downloaded them ages ago).

All without him having to do any work. Unless he wants it reskinned somehow to look like Echoes version.

I would want the light and Dark suit from Echoes.

Vert did a Light suit, i’ll see if I can find the link (or you could ask him).

Edit: :smiley: Hurray for the mega list of links :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit2: Also just remembered about this from a few weeks back: (theres even a DL link in there, as I just had a look).


I knew of the MP3 Dark Samus model.

I didn’t make a ragdoll, i only reuploaded medrop’s lightsuit rip. So it’s not a gmod model yet. I would like to see that model as a ragdoll, though.
Also, how did you get that model in T-pose, pmix2005? I know that someone made a model viewer and extractor for Metroid Prime 2, but I think it wasn’t released.

Tools I used
Dolphin Emulator
3DVIA Printscreen 2.3 to rip this.
And 3ds max 9 do edit the rip.
but riped the model in t-pose.

I riped zero suit fron mp3 too.

Zero Suit - 3ds format

Ah, didn’t know that ^^

Thanks :slight_smile: Will be interesting to see if it’s any different to the Brawl one.

Hmmm… Could you rip the 3rd/4th form of Dark samus From MP2? I mean the transparent one. That’s the most interesting model that medrop hasn’t ripped yet, and it would make a nice model in gmod.

hum o try to use GameAssassin to rip more things!!!
GameAssassin is cool ripper.

look this

That GameAssassin is awesome. Rips everything including animations. Man I want to get a registered copy of it.

Could you resend the texture in TGA? the bmp image seem to lose the translucent from the eye lash one for example.

I can’t get GameAssassin to work…is it because I’m using Vista? I press the Capture button, load game but I never get the little logo in any game…I might be able to help with a registered copy if u can help me figure it out…

that zero suit looks pretty kick ass compared to the one thats out right now

this one looks more mature

Rip metroid prime in its 1st and 2nd form now no ones said that before!