Samus Skin Problem

I downloaded this skin

but when i put all the files in the right places when i make the rag doll its skin is black and pink

anyone know how to fix this?

I have that same problem. I fixed it downloading and skinning the other zamus model. That skin works in that model.
By the way, noob question: My camera in gmod takes pictures with a red fire effect in the center, how can I fix this?

its a flash. is it in your pictures? or does the flash show when your taking the picture?

When I select the camera everything works fine, but when I take a picture the game makes this weird flash. It quickly appears and dissapears. So I think that’ts the second option… How can I remove this flash? holding down any key?

The new update broke the camera tool.

Just take screensots with the camera tool out, but press F5 (or whatever your screenshot key is bound to)

if the flash is not in the final picture, i wouldnt see how the flash could be a problem.

It is though. Take a look at some of the pictures from the screenshots section.

Alright ill try reskining other model thanx

Hey everyone, I’m sorry for bumping a several-month-old thread, but where can i find nexuselite’s samus model? I’m also having trouble with the black widow skin, sadly.

Sorry again for the bump, but i can’t find it in search anywhere.

I’m not sure which one you mean so i’ll put them all.

Quite a few Samus’ in there

NPC one

Thats probberly the one you want

Actual game texture version of above

Edit: Which model is that Black Widow skin for and i’ll hex it.

I tried this out too, and it seems like it works with a certain type of model. I already have a ZSS and while that still works fine, the new skin shows up as pink and black. I’ll try those downloads and mess around with it a bit.