50 slot server located in US East - Wiped 3/21.
We are noob friendly with active admins online.
PvP and Sleepers are ON / Drops @ 15+ players
Raiding and Fairplay PvP are encouraged.

To connect, Press F1 to open the console.
Copy/Paste: net.connect

Bump for timezone visibility. Still looking for new players! Join up!

My team and I had fun on this server while we lasted. Things got dark and it ended poorly for us. Here’s a video of our last (unsuccessful) raid.

Sadly, you get kicked if you have a clan.

you have the best server of rust, never stop hosting plz, and never wipe if can ^^
but could you make the airdrop happen? because we are playeing for like 1 week, and no airdrop happened.
its just a line of script, plz make it happen.

You guys are welcome back as long as you abide by our few rules. Things got out of hand that night and we do consider that a form of griefing. PM me and we can discuss if you want.

We didn’t kick you Shalien. We requested you leave after our next wipe because our 50 slot noob server was 25/50 ACO players, playing as one team. Would you like me to repost what I told you in steam explaining the reasoning? Because I thought I explained it clearly. I apologized and tried to be a direct as I could. You guys packed your shit and left right away on your own accord.

Thanks man. We do a decent amount of drops when we have 10+ people there. When are you usually online?

If you work at a company and they ask you to resign, that means you were fired.

In this scenario it was more of we were requesting relocation due to downsizing requirements. We offered to give you a rather nice contract termination bonus.

I really don’t understand why you keep stretching what we said and what happened sir. Our server has 50 people max pop cap. Your team was 20+. As your team took up half the server population there was no competition and we couldn’t hold onto regular players because of it. In order to stack up against your team we would have had to band together with the rest of the server making it a 2 team server. This is not at all what we want and not what I find fun. We tried it, we didnt enjoy it. I am sorry it did not work out, but you never know until giving things a shot.

Great server. Admins are great and very active.

About a week ago, I started a thread asking for a server for 10+ people. You guys found us and asked we join your server. Then we hung out on your server and helped people for 5 days. There was no “inability to compete” with us because we never competed with anyone. We never had more than 12 people online at once and the groups that played together were never higher than 4 people. At that time, there were 3 other groups of 4 people who were not in our clan. You even had 40 people online one night with only 4 from my clan. Over those 5 days we were on your server you told us that you’d bump the server up to 100 people and all was good in the world.

Then you guys had that one night where a third party group needed help from griefers and you two dropped the ball because you’re both inexperienced admins. Afterward my clan on our own private forums were discussing leaving the server because of how bad an admin you were. You got offended and IM’d one of our members and started a fight with him.

The next day we were asked us to leave in 2 weeks.

Yes, Stryder and I had a nice “please resign in 2 weeks” conversation that I’m sure he saved to save-face in case we posted here. However Mistaken, you kept starting fights with us, both in-game and in steam chat, because we don’t like inexperienced admins and you took it personally. You guys were helpful and supportive until we suggested finding a new home on our private server. Then you did a 180 when you found out that we thought ill of your abilities. Your actions, in my opinion, were just to kick us before we chose to leave so that it would be on your terms. You are the boss who said, “You can’t quit cuz you’re fired!!!”. IMO, that’s AdminAbuse 101.

I’ll stick around to read your responses, but I’m not gonna keep bumping your post. Sorry it didn’t work out guys, get some thicker skin - people should be free to analyze their admins privately without being harassed and asked to leave.

Concerning the griefers. People in chat were apparently talking about it happening. Yes both Stryder and I didn’t see this chat in game. Unfortunately this chat only displays for about 10 seconds and there is no log. While I do have A LOT of hours logged in this game, I do also do other things. Several times a day I use the restroom. About 1 time a day for a longer period of time than the other trips. I also like to hydrate myself and fill myself with nourishment. In between doing all that sometimes I check out other things, look on the forums here, or do something else. Really none of that is your concern. You feel I handled it wrong because I didnt see a chat and not one person, including those being griefed, felt the need to steam message me. As you may have noticed Steam messages stay until you close the chat, and now they even show a small log of the last messages even before you closed. This is an amazing feature and one Rust should look into. But anyways, this is why we did not immediate deal with the situation. As soon as we learned about it, which only took 2 minutes trying to ask questions between posts from 30 other people on the server, I stopped what I was doing and dealt with the situation. It was handled within 5 minutes after I got the information I needed, such as their Steam IDs, usernames, and started Fraps. But yes, if you feel this is the work of a noob admin, by all means tell lies and stretch truths. This will be my last post concerning this, but basically… Your clan, not all but most, is a bunch of people who stretch every possible truth, read into things that arent there, and think way too damn highly of yourselves. From this point on you are correct in one fact. We will no longer be allowing clans on our server. Thank you for the early experience so that we make sure to never make the mistake again.

Just quoting in case you decide to edit it. This way people know what kind of admins run this server.

It is funny though - my only comment in the thread was “They kick you if you’re in a clan.” which is a legitimate thing that people should know about a server, but you guys decide to take it personal and argue with me about it. Only to end your argument with “We will no longer be allowing clans on the server.”


Dude, what don’t you understand? We didn’t ask you to leave because you criticized us. We asked you to leave because your clan got bigger and bigger every day with no available competition on a NOOB ORIENTATED SERVER. You guys made a steam group to gather even more of you. Exactly why I said it was getting one sided. As Mistaken said, we tried, and it didn’t work. Its not what WE wanted for OUR server.

So let’s recap with some actual quotes from your forums since we’re quoting people now.

One of your members seemed to understand the situation: "since we are currently so big we might consider a server with a bigger player cap also. Right now during prime time we are so big that it would take the entire rest of the server banding together to beat our numbers."

Someone also mentioned: "Since we’re seeing an increase in the amount of people joining up to play this game (we had 15 online at one point yesterday)"

As well as: "Most people have a crew of about 2-6, we have about 15-20."

And you also stated: "I would say that the general consensus of the Acolytes (over 20 people on the server)"

So what was it? 12? 15? 20? How are you not understanding my reasons for asking you guys to leave? We have explained it to you 4 times now.

And in case any confused viewers are wondering what I said to Shalien and his clan when I asked them to leave:

Like I said, It was 12 online simultaneously on your server. When it was 15, people were on different servers. We do have 20 people, but they don’t play at the same time. It was only ever 10+ (which 12 qualifies as)

We don’t all play together. Our community has over 200 active members, who don’t all play Rust. The steam group you mention is for those 200 active members - for example: our mumble server has the following rooms in the steam group section:

Battlefield 3
League of Legends
Marvel Heroes
Star Conflict
The Secret World
World of Tanks

Asking someone to resign is firing them. Again…

  1. I said you get kicked for being in a clan.
  2. You follow up telling me I’m wrong.
  3. You say clans are not allowed on your server.
  4. Now you’re saying I’m wrong again.

Would it be better if I said “Clan’s aren’t allowed to join the server in the first place”?

Join up and say hi. New players always welcome.

Ive been playing here for about 2 weeks now. There is a great active player base, and I love the “Fair play PVP” Keeps you on your toes without worrying about getting griefed. I definitely recommend this place to new players, or grizzled veterans.

We just wiped and added the Oxide mod w/ Door Sharing! Come get a fresh start. Noob friendly.

Server was wiped yesterday (1/31).

Server was wiped 2/6 (6:00pm EST) for the new update. Come join us for a fresh start!