Sand Barnacle

Textures and details are here -
In the HL2 beta, there was supposed to be (but it was never completed) another barnacle for around the Lost Coast levels (although that’s now a standalone game) which was simply never seen.

I would like, if possible, for someone to turn this into another Barnacle spawned separately to the normal Barnacle, just for a bit of variation.

The ability to spawn it on the floor and have it shoot it’s tongue upwards (for fun, really) would be appreciated, but I mostly want the first thing.

Sounds interesting. But wouldn’t this go into the model request page?

Well not really, because the Barnacle already has a model, and the material is provided.

But it has no animations :C

I don’t think it has normal/env/phong mapping. Even if there’s a texture, that model is faaaaar from finished.