Sand Rail by Boombass


Sandrail/Buggy fad wee:

  • 99% Parented;
  • Suspension;
  • Steering;
  • Pod controller;
  • Sexy.

Much better offroad ablities than older one, in fact if you drive it well you can drive around gm_buttes without hearing a single clang or other collision.

Not much extras but that has to be enough:


(Boombass = me if any1 didn’t know [nubs])


For Karbine :V

zeos’ type of suspension works well in tight spaces, but it is very unsightly. the front should taper more into the front suspension. it also needs a b pillar support on the cage. looks good.

Dunno what you mean, but it’s modified suspension using just rigid ropes in right places so it makes good suspension, not as soft as ellastic suspension but still working well.

I think i know what you mean, i just forgot about it, maybe gonna make it later.

Thanks :3

lurks gewd. Altough, avoid visible ropes. It’s hard to make a car look charming with ropes visible everywhere. And add a floor or atleast somewhere to but the feet. And like pedals. And while you’re at it, do a Zeos and make everything that’s inside a car.

SEE! I TOLD YOU YOU NEEDED A FLOOR! BUT NOOOOO YOU DON’T WANT ONE BECAUSE IT’S BADASS. I like it though, sax was not so good at driving :V



Shush you :V, it’s was his car laggy…

sure :V


on the top of mount doom. Meet us there with an engine and four wheels.

I want a DOWNLOAD!

What models are those?

EDIT: Nevermind

the only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of body work. Put some side paneling on like this

it looks flimsy and bare
but still <3 it though

Not all have it, i guess it’s all about personal likings:

But floor will be added.

I think it looks good without a floor.

Updated first post with a vid. LolLolLol.

meh that looks like a street buggy, but whatev

lol, that buggy has zilch suspension travel. in fact, it looks like it’s bottomed out and the front is welded, i don’t see any springs or shocks, lol.

also your rail is fucking leet now

What kind of props are those? o.O