Sand textures needed.

I’m currently working on a simple one-level map, which I may implement into Garry’s Mod as a sandbox level. The theme is that it’s actually going to be a giant sandbox you can roam around in. Would anyone here happen to know of, or have made some decent dry sand textures that I could use as a base? It would be much appreciated!

I dont know if this helps but try to make your own texture
here are videos if they help:

vid 1:

vid 2:

If you view those 2 videos it should teach you how to basicly make your own textures. it’ll probably be pretty easy to make.

good luck!

Isn’t there the sand textures from HL2 Coast maps? I would type in “Coast” for filter settings just to see.

I dont know if this helps but try to make your own swep instead of asking us to do it for you.

Back to topic: yes, there are sand textures. (coast ones.)

Well, i didn’t mean it like that, but thanks for the input.

Here if you want like desert sand do this.

Open up photoshop, or, make a yellowish type of sand texture, add a lot of noise, then convert it to a .vtf

Thats just lazy, but It gave me a pretty good result on a desert map I made a while back.

Thanks firegod.

Thanks mate!