Sandbags - Hold on a second!

I’m super excited the barricades got a height and health buff- but one second!

Do we REALLY need to get RID of the old sandbag height? Why not just make a new BP for a lower wall so players can add a bit of height variety to their brand-spanking-new sandbag fort?

If this is like, too much work, then yeah I get that, but I figured there was a lot of reason to ADD a new height to the sandbags but not a whole lot of reason to REMOVE the old ones, you get me?

“What about the Stone and Concrete barricades?”

What about them? Those would make sense to have fixed heights, where the sandbag is a good middle-ground that would make sense to have varying heights. You know, due to it just being a bunch of bags of sand stacked on eachother.

Completely agree. I would like to use the new barricades in firefights and the old ones on my base for mainly aesthetics.

Sandbags, in my opinion, must be built one row at times, so you can stack it in multiple line for to fit the need, max X line.

So we have 1 tool for to place different height barricades.

Placing sand bags on top of each other would be great u could build a little iglu type thing from them and use it to take out your target.