Sandbox build server - what map?

Hi everyone!

I own a Sandbox server, people just build and having fun on it.

But, currently its always on Construct, but maybe people would like Flatgrass more?

Please, tell me!

Flatgrass is definitely better for building

Constuct is much less boring to look at, also includes interior spaces, a room you can recolor, water and a 3D skybox.

Construct is teeny-tiny. I’m surprised there are RP Servers based on that map.

Flatgrass is good because it huuuuuuge.

Oh wow the poll is evenly matched :v:

I dont know if I should change to flatgrass as the start map. Keep voting! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well it depends on what you want to do, make building all by yourself in Flatgrass or be helped with the houses in Construct (something like use the houses as garages)
And how big you want to build.

I like Construct when building, as there are plenty of walls to wire against.
Flatgrass is however very big and great for large contraptions.
I’ve gone with Flatgrass.


Flatgrass… But it has no water…

At the risk of catching some flak from some hardcore builderz, I’ll say this. I find flatgrass dreadfully boring and unless I’m setting out to build some lifesize recreation of the USS Forrestal, I do all my posing/building on gm_construct.

Flatgrass in horrifically boring to look at and the lighting makes me want to puke.

Construct is fairly small, but more diverse and is easier to keep track of troublemakers.

But since it is a sandbox, people might want to make flying contraptions and will only end up finding themselves stuck in walls.

If its a 1-8 person server go Construct but if it is a 8+, go Flatgrass.

I like flatgrass the most.

Flatgrass is awesome because it’s huge, which makes it a very good sandbox map.

Construct isn’t as boring as flatgrass, but it’s not big enough.

Go for Flatgrass.