Sandbox Growing Weed Plant

The growing weed plant now for sandbox after request.

Add pot to seed and it will slowly grow becoming a bag of weed.
Requires Durgzmod

Growing plastic bags? You just solved the problem of manufacturing plastic, which pollutes the environment a lot. Nobel environmental prize to you, sir. I’m assuming you can eat the weed, right?

Well, you don’t eat weed… But you need durgz mod to use it.

Well if you make an empty bag model send me a link :wink:

MMmm. Brownies!

I shall make one! Together we will amaze the world with our weed-plastic-bag-growing skills!

Oh my god. We even have similar avatars. Its just like Tenac and IciousD.

The Weedbag of Destiny!

Maybe you two could bring more Reallife into the Drugzmod!! like building up a whole Chmical Labor for generating LSD and such and to grow weed you need special lamps and such! (And a system for wetting the plants and such) wow i got a massive idea! omfg o.o (if you want to know the whole idea ai could write it up and give it to you!)

Why do this when you could just go out and get some real weed.

So much easier just to spawn some.