sandbox modification

I have gathered up as much info as I could about changing the derma skin in my server and I think I have that part figured out.
Now I have to figure out how to change the physbeam color from the default to this new physgun skin
Does anyone know how to make that the default skin for the physgun on my sandbox server?
Please post links etc below :smiley:

thank you!

PS, If you want to see the derma skin I chose click this link

I don’t know if this is any good or not, but this is apparently a ‘blue Derma skin’.

Thats perfect, can you give me the download link?
also do you know if it is possible to make that the default derma on my server?

From that image link the 5 numbers give you the download number. So then you can find the download link.

As for making it the Derma skin on a server, I don’t know much about Derma skins but the option to change skin lies on the client, so you’d need another script to force clients to use it when on the server.

To force the Derma skin you can use **[ForceDermaSkin](**, Fretta has a forced derma skin that everyone uses when they join a Fretta server, even if they have their own.

Dude! Thank you so much :smiley:
I’ve been searching for this!
Do you know how I can get a forced phys beam color?
Mind adding me on skype or steam and chatting w/ me about this?
Skype : ChewyDuck
Steam : Schwumper