Sandbox Props to VMF / Hammer Editor

This really little tool i made is able to convert / export the Props of a sandbox mode to a hammer editor vmf “entity”.
I made it for me and a friend to use it, with this you can simply make the shapes of your map and then after compiling add them while you’re ingame and export them.
It makes some peoples live easier, as it’s simplier to construct prop shapes in garry’s mod than hammer editor.

How to use:
Put in your addon folder, (also works on a local server).
Join Ingame, do some prop magic and then type “save_props 1” in the console.
IMPORTANT: If your map is not a freshly made one you maybe want to increase the “1” to your latest entity id you find in your vmf.

Something for the eyes:

Hammer Editor:


Github Source Page:

well, i didn’t looked around as it’s always good todo things yourself i just tought of releasing it to the public because i didn’t saw it here on the first try p: