SandBox roleplay

Well, Recently I’ve been noticing alot of chat on sandbox roleplay. As far as I know, you don’t need a gamemode to roleplay. If i started a sandbox roleplay, Would you play it? What would you want on the server? Post your suggestions. Keep in mind this would be a rather serious roleplay.

The main point of using sandbox is giving the roleplayer’s freedom in doing whatever they want, But staying within roleplay boundries. If they wanted to build a secure shop, They should be able to do so. Also not to let the roleplay be restrictive.


The server will be put up shortly, I’ve decided I will try to do it. I’m putting together a few things first.

What maps are you gonna use?

Well, I’m not sure yet. But i just finished the gamemode. It’s just sandbox with a few things to it. Got any map ideas?

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…and that’s probably what they will do, causing not alot of RP and will eventually leave. Well that’s what I’m guessing.

Good potential though!

How would that cause not a less amount of roleplay, How would a shop affect it.

Sandbox does not even need its own gm. Sadly my favorite server went from sandbox to DRP. :frowning:

I was thinking more of people building forts with layers of props, guarding themselfs. Bad quote by me…

Fair enough. Also, Server is up, I’d like to see some faces in here that know how to roleplay.

EDIT: Don’t go in yet, Reinstalling server.


I don’t understand.

Sandbox rp does not even need a gamemode, friend.

What map should i use guys?


I know it doesn’t. I’m putting a chat radius and a few extras on. Just to stop global chat etc.

Oh okay, map try evocity or even just construct.

I’m thinking of rp_townsend. What you think?


Ok guys, It’s up. You need


to play!

It will never work…

Agree, there is no system whereby weapons, vehicles and other items are limited.
You cannot give specific classes power either, which is necessary if you want to have a realistic police force etc.

They changed from sandbox to VeniScript2, and It looks less and less like a sandbox RP, but yesterday I played it in sandbox and it was quite fun!

Yes, The server is being donated to a DR (desertrend) server and is being used as a test at the time, Sorry everyone. But yes, It was quite fun while it was running toast/sandbox!


We had a small system in which you could purchase weapons. I might release the little script later.

Crap. I was just getting my hopes up :frown:

-snipery snip-

So, when will you have control of the server again (I mean, when it’s going back to Toast/sandbox?)

Whenever Me and schumacher decide, Though it may be up soon.

Also, The server does not need ULX since it runs on something entirely different.
Plus there will be some force implemented, Demon