Sandbox RP

No, i don’t have an amazing new idea for a RP gamemode that i want YOU to develop and me to take the credit for.

Now that thats out of the way this thread idea is quite simple. Have you ever been messing around in sandbox, or perhaps wanted to privately rp with your freinds, but dont like existing scripts? Well, i was wondering (and i think i’ve seen this before) if there was someone who would make a little chat addon that was a simple command that allowed you to switch to RP chat, instead of Sandbox, and back.

Like a separate chat “layer”? Where only you and your friends would be able to read what was going on?

In a sense yes, it’d effectively be conventional RP chat, /w, /me, /y etc. and it’d be server wide.

It has been made for a while (I didn’t make it):

It is an addon, not a gamemode, even though it is in the gamemode section.