SandBox Server 24/7.

Server Name: arleitiss’s SandBox Server.
Content Used:
Slots: 6 (will increase soon)


Haha, 6 slots.

So? It’s a build server.

Yeah just simple build. With no massive mods like stargate, pc mod, or some huge weapon packs.

6 SLOTS?!?!?!?!!! where did you buy it? , i havnt seen anyone host that low (apart from gmt)

Sorry for being late

But source s\crashes when there too many ents / props spawned.

thast why there’s prop limit

the crash point is about 2100 so yeah

you could just get it dedicated no reason to waste money on 6 slots.

Its a fucking build server, why would you play on a 24 slot build server.

24 slot build server = epic lag.

Yeah if you have a shitty computer?


Please stop write these dumb comments.