Sandbox Server Crash

Hi everyone,
So after the recent patch I was hoping that every problem that the update had broken, and as always it didn’t. After several attempts on fixing the constant crashing (testing addon by addon, reinstalling the server, testing legacy vs. workshop…) I just finally gave up. The server is a Sandbox server with 12 slots, no lag problems, around 40 addons and 5-7 manual addons.

So here is the dump file.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K (2 cores)
HHD: 50Gb
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Note: This is a virtual OS running on Virtualbox

Thanks for your help!

Sorry if I’m not understanding your first sentence correctly, but you updated to the latest hotfix, right? Have you tried removing all addons?

Yes I did. My server is updated to the recent patch and I removed each and every addon, still crashing.

I have a plain vanilla dedi on Sandbox and I cannot replicate it. Are you sure it crashes on the latest version with no modifications?

well, the hotfix worked for me haven’t had a crash in 7 days :slight_smile: