Sandbox Tool improvement

I am making this thread to get some feedback on the changes that will be coming in the next Garry’s Mod update for the default Sandbox tools.

The picture above represents the updated tool UI that will be available in the next update.
The reason for the UI changes is to improve the usefulness of the “Toolgun Help” UI to be actually helpful.
It now displays what key will do what action at what time.
It also uncovers a few previously hidden and a few brand new features in the tools.

Now, English is not my native language, so I have to ask for help from the community.
I ask you to look through the picture above and point out any weird or incorrect wording that the picture may have before those new lines are put onto the translation server.

I also would be grateful if you’d provide your feedback, if any, on the following changes to the default/vanilla tools.
If you have any suggestions/ideas for the default tools, like new functionality for existing tools, please do tell.

List of improvements/changes to the default tool set that are planned:

  • Improved Inflator tool to scale adjacent bones properly - No longer scaling an arm or a leg scales the chest of a character, etc
  • Muscle Tool - Fixed “Start On” not doing anything
  • Improved Faceposer Tool - Now usable on prop_effect entities & other minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Paint Tool got a new Reload action - Clear decals on selected entity
  • Whitelist to model convars - this is to stop malicious players to bypass prop blacklists on servers. This may break duplications that use custom models however
  • Many improvements to Spawnmenu UI to be less laggy, better scaling, ability to manually resize spawnmenu parts, etc
  • Paint no longer applies the decals twice on client and it no longer plays the sound twice in multiplayer
  • Inflator Tool should no longer spazz out on high latency servers

Possible new features:

  • Infiltrator working on players
  • Copy feature for Color & Material tools for the right click, move reset functionality to the Reload button for consistency with the rest of the tools - my concern is that people are probably too used to right click being the reset button for these tools


It says “Create an hydraulic controller”. Should be “a” instead of “an”.


It says “Changing the material”. Should say “Change the material of an object”.


It says “Remove selected object and all constrained to it objects”. It should say “Remove selected object and all objects constrained to it”.


It says “Creates hoverball”. Should be “Creates a hoverball”.

No Collide

It says “Make an object have no collisions with anything but world”. It should say “Make an object have no collisions with anything but the world”.


It says “Select a position for x anchor point”. Should say “Select a position for the x anchor point”.

Dynamite’s description would sound a bit more natural if it read “Creates some dynamite”.
Paint’s description should be “with a fast fire rate” and “with a slow fire rate”. Paint also says “Paint the world with decals”. That sounds like some diabolical plan. “Apply decals to surfaces” would sound better and more natural.

With the Material tool, it says ‘Reset the object’s material’, but for the Trails tool, it says ‘Clear an objects trail’. I’m not quite sure whether you need a ’ or not, but it seems odd to have one for one thing and not for another.

Also, “Select an object for Elastic” sounds a bit odd, you should probably put constraint at the end of that

Yeah it should have a ’ since it’s possessive.

Ye b’wise t’not miss out th’good ol’ pirate lingo matey.


please give an option to enable GMod 10’s spawn menu

And about the color/material tool - A lot of builders use Colormater for their contraptions, which has the keybinds just as you plan them for the default tools there. So go right ahead, it’d be a good change. If there’s autists complaining instead of getting used to that, leave them be.

Go right ahead and put yourself into a corner, the current spawnmenu is superior to the old one in literally every way, but thanks a lot for the feedback!

i was just gonna post this, but i’m more worried about colormater getting phased out since it’s still able to select your own material (a feature removed so idiots don’t use pp/copy or any other unlitgeneric)

I’m not sure if it was ever explained why it was removed, but is it possible to get Adv. Ballsocket back? Or at least merge the functionality of it back into the tool somehow

Where’s leaf blower?

I think that is a missing feature and should be added. I don’t like that you couldn’t copy color/material.

Consistency also plays a huge part on usability and of getting used to something. Don’t make things different just because of that.

They need to get used to it.

The official reason provided by Garry a long time ago is “because it is a job for mods/addons”. I am not currently looking for feedback on what tools should be (re)added.

I like the UI changes.

Can’t say much about the ‘tool improvements’, as no one uses the tools you mentioned.

Would it be possible to get a right click -> copy material path to clipboard in the material tool selection panel?

Looks like someone regrets giving his materials such long path names, eh? Completely agree though - Because of rather long paths of some materials, I made myself an E2 that pastes the material I apply to the chip in my chat. As nice they may look sometimes but if you work with more than one at a time or just have a terrible short term memory, typing out the paths kinda breaks the workflow.

If only E2 could smack stuff on the clipboard directly without any cores, extensions or stuff like that…

And Robot, you have a point on the spawn menu of GM13. It is superior to GM10’s menu but not in literally every way. It’s design is the problem.

Yeah, you are right, this looks sooo much better than the current one.

I personally like the grey design more (except those prop icon backgrounds), however, most of that preference comes form my terrible eye sight and sensitivity to bright colors – full white/light blue just irritates me after a while. It’d be nice to have that theme back as a GWEN skin or something, but it’s not game breaking to not have it.

Adv ballsocket has always been a default tool. It’s a constraint used by ragdolls to limit articulation of bones in default form.

Same here, although I’m sensitive to pretty much anything bright, including sunlight (Yes, I also sleep in a coffin, I hate garlic and I double dare anyone of your throwing a holy cross at me.), so having it as an optional skin would be great.

Also, your sarcasm fails on me Robot, because I fully agree with you on that part of it looking so much better than the current one. It indeed does.

This should be made uniform

And while you’re at it, could you please add a piece of code that removes the default Duplicator tool? Vanilla fetishists or not, that tool really is one of the worst inventions given how the GMod community has evolved.

just remove it yourself…