SandboxRP vs Roleplay with overcomplicated and restrictive scripts

Basically, your oppinion. What is best, RP without any script, or roleplaying with restrictive and complicated scripts?

In my opinion, SanboxRP with no scripts is better.Why? Well…

[ul]No money-that means a lot of liberty[/ul]
[ul]No inventory or custom objets-Contrary to popular belief, they DO NOT enhance roleplay, just a little, instead of having a drug entity that switches to a shader, you can roleplay the effects of drugs[/ul]
[ul]No stats shit-It only adds to the elitism and unfairness.[/ul]

[tab]Guy1[/tab]:Shoots at guy2 in the leg
[tab]Guy2[/tab]:[OOC]:rofl u can’t do that ima 100 endurance, bitch
[tab]Guy1[/tab]:[OOC]:omg n00b lern2rp

[ul]Restrictiveness at full-Some scripts that are designed for HL2RP have features that restric RP. one of this is the automatic ration dispenser, sure, it makes it more “Cannon”, but it removes the feeling of roleplaying a hungry and tired citizen that is going to the ration distribution to get his food, and stand in line.[/ul]
[ul]Script over Rp-Is happening, and it appears to be the coders main goal, create a Roleplay Gamemode that restrict the Roleplaing by adding Eye-candy features and a lot of useless things that a true roleplayer wouldn’t need.You only need a very few, not to many.[/ul]
[ul]The lack of use of the “/me” command-Such a powerful tool for roleplaying, one simple “/me” is needed to express yourself, do an action that would be difficult to do in the garrysmod engine.This command is a very basic one, it’s even on DarkRP. The problem is, Why roleplayers do not use it anymore? Simple, they just go “Why I have to use a me if I can use a /lean?” Right,you can use a lean, however, a /me is more expressive than a command, and I can tell that for experience. You can also set the atmosphere by using /me’s, like “/me stares at the window sadly”[/ul]

Thanks Lexic:
Here is a link to a script that diesn’t restrict the RP like others, just adds the basic stuff

And that’s my oppinion on scripts, feel free to discuss, but let’s keep it civilized, I will update the OP if its worth it.


RolePlay sucks, you can only choose to do a job at a time.

I agree all the way with the OP. Scripted RPs are cool, but in the end it’s the player’s mind that allows them to create the best roleplay they want.

Some may think that it just opens up minges to come in, which it doesn’t. “Friends” can be used in conjunction with something such as Hamachi or a Lan Party to have a SandboxRP. As a group you fellows can plan exactly how things are going to be, what the rules are, and everyone will follow them, guaranteed.

Yeah, totally like minded, SandboxRP is the true unlimited RP.

I said SandboxRP, or “vanillaRP” Roleplaying without scripts.

I think he only read the title.

Honestly, I actually agree. However, it’s not something for the general populace.
You do actually need to know how to RP, and so does everyone else that joins the server, which pretty much means “no public server”, which is a shame.
You may wish to include a link to this in your post, as it’s designed for people like you. :3:

I agree with the OP completely, it’s like having a book and a movie, both based on the same thing. The book is funner to read, as you can use your imagination and make it look how you want in your head, yet with a movie, it feeds it to you on a plate, and doesn’t let your imagination do much.

I love that comment, it explains so much in such a simple way.

I agree on pretty much all points here. How I miss /me. /Me takes some actual RP skill though, probably why not many gamemodes have it.

I agree with ordnas, ‘Sandbox’ roleplay is funner and lets your imagination go wild. But for more realistic and serious roleplay, It is often easier and better to have a script to keep you on track and stop idiots wrecking your roleplay. Unfortuanately, sandbox roleplays are often private, and its quite hard to start a roleplay in a sandbox game.

:lol:, you really did make this thread.

Yes, everything the OP said is 100% true. Scripts these days go out of their way to restrict and limit RP and add useless shit that you really don’t need. Some scripts even do most of the RPing for you!

Unfortunatly, SandboxRP has its issues to. Without admins to regulate the server and keep the RP going, it’s just too easy for someone to join the server and fuck everything up.

Honestly, if you want 100% unrestricted roleplaying, GMod isn’t a very good place to find it. Even with a completely unrestricted environment, GMod itself limits RP. I believe there is a 180 character limit to chat text, making it difficult to say something long-winded. GMod includes tools to disrupt RP, such as the Physgun. Unless you trust everyone who is playing in the server, chances are someone could end up disrupting RP.

But if we use some minimalist script, like a physgun and toolgun restricter, that can be avoided. But honestly, even the toolgun is needed to roleplay. Because of this, RP in Gmod is difficult, but not impossible

I doubt people will ever last a few weeks on a boring, minimalist script.

KuroScript(and its other various name edits of “gamemodes”) is an example of a script where there are alot of “script over rp” features, however, these are not forced upon you. Your example of the ration distribution clearly relies on the roleplayer himself, he may wish to RP being a hungry citizen in line while receiving his ration.

This is the same with the animation commands, they’re not forced upon you, you can a simple /me leans back on the cold wall then use /lean to backup. The animations are there for immersiveness, and not forced on to the player himself.

RP was great back in GMod 9, but what it has changed to now( inventories, flags, animations, items etc), I don’t think it will ever work, but prove me wrong.

Uhmm, yes, they ARE forced to you, read the OP

Money-"Lol I have more money, so I can have better err pee Buys gun and kevlar from blackmarket
Stats-“haha n00b i run faster becoxz i have lv7 stamina”“That’s not fair! I just joined!”
Flags and custom classes-No comment. Why have over 20 custom classes if you have command that allows you to change your job?

This isn’t a matter of things being “bad for RP in general,” but rather intoleration of players who prefer different RP methods. If you don’t like a ‘restrictive’ server like Kuro and/or Taco, don’t play it. If you don’t like the minge-open sandbox RP servers, don’t play it.

As for other factors, i’ll try replies:
No Money: Depends on what the server-wide RP is trying to simulate. Humanity’s on the brink of extinction and I have to pay $500 for the most basic handgun because, well, I just have to? Yeah, no. Walking around a city full of crime and chaos, and I have to pay the same amount in order to defend myself from some serial killer on the loose? Sounds like a better deal.

No Inventory, etc.: Well it’s always fun to roleplay having a stun knife you don’t actually have, but unfortunately many people nowadays get pissy if you don’t actually have the item; Rikoh tries to bat the zombie away with his lead pipe - Zombie (OOC): Um, right. Just gonna claw you to death now, 'cause that’s just a prop.

No Stats: Agree and not agree. Stats individualize characters somewhat, so not everyone and their grandmother automatically can ICly land a headshot with a Glock from the other side of the city, or magically treat fatal wounds in 5 seconds. However, when players pretty much fuck you over because your stats are lower or begin statwhoring, the problems begin. Another example; George rushes the man attempting to beat him down. Rikoh tries to kick the man away mid-rush with his right foot in a karate-style motion. George [LOOC]: wats your strength? Rikoh[LOOC]: Like, 3. George[LOOC]: lol, i’m 24, u can’t do shit

Restrictiveness: As mentioned in a previous post, you can still RP being the hungry guy. To be honest, you either have rules and people who spite them, or you have no rules and thus completely possible anarchy. In other words, restrictions = bitching, no restrictions = open to chaos.

Script > RP: Fancy attracts the players, no matter how much bitching we do on these forums. However, if the script itself is shit, chances are players who aren’t hooked at first probably won’t stay. If you don’t care, though, script or not you should just try to RP anyway, regardless of the script.

Lack of /me: Being relatively new to the Gmod community, I don’t have a deep history or knowledge of things, but this only seems noticeable in two aspects; servers with animations at your disposal, or players who sayplay instead of RP (Ex: Mr. Rebel pulls out a handgun and fires bullet after bullet all RP’d with his combine foe’s RP in mind, letting them decide to dodge or get hit. Then McE.C. (Elite Combine) comes out, says he’ll kill you, /me’s “starting a gunfight,” and then headshots every enemy/neutral player in sight). I’ll simply say that the animations seem to be added on for immersion, and i’ll leave it at that. Sayplaying, though, is pretentious bullshit that’s simply an excuse that players use to headshot their foes and “win” without having to “spend 5 minutes RPing what would’ve happened anyway.”

Yeah. Criticize me if you want. Just posting my opinion and to see what people will think of it.

Redundant answers for most of that there, but that’s just the simple truth, I used to get that kind of crap alot, then I hosted my own server, never had this problem again nor any complaints that it happens, because it doesn’t. Don’t play on shit servers with shit server admins with shit roleplayers, your asking for lame RP with any one of those.

Anything a gamemode can do you can RP it, to say you can’t simply means your roleplaying skills aren’t up to that level of quality, that and/or you lack imagination.

Wow, 7 shits in the quote alone. Oh well, gotta use something.