Sandbox's init.lua?

A few weeks ago, I posted in the Niggles thread about SMG grenades. Someone told me that I could give myself some by editing the Sandbox init.lua. I’ve tried doing a search on my hard drive, but that came up with a few hundred results.

tl:dr, I need a file path to the Sandbox init.lua.

P.S. Is that also the way to give myself extra weapons upon respawn? I’d like to spawn with the Beta Weapons as well as the standard.

Tried gamemodes/sandbox/gamemode/init.lua or similar?

That’s a no-go. The only things in the “Gamemodes” folder are a Team Fortress 2 gamemode, and a 0 kb “gamemodes” text document.

Try extracting the file from the GMod GCF to your GMod installation, then edit it how you like

And…how would I do that? (I’m illiterate when it comes to something other than editing a few lines of text.)

You should look into the program “GCF Scape”. Its pretty simple, your gmod folder structure: Garrysmod/Garrysmod/ALL THE FOLDERS AND CRAP HERE" has the same structure as the GCF file, just follow the folder trees and extract the files you want (be it models, textures, sound) but be sure to create the same folder structures in your gmod installation.

E.G, you want to extract the file your looking for

Install gcfscape, open garrysmod content.gcf, in the folder menu on the left, click “Garrysmod”, “gamemodes”, “sandbox”, “gamemode”

All the files like init.lua are all there, then right click the file you want, click extract, chose a directory and then put this file in the right place

Hope I helped you

I’ll be sure to look into that later. Thank you!

Ok, hope it works for you