sandvich Bros. US server is up!!

me and my friend sandvich spy and me EVILsandvich.avi have made a server it is not an offical I do not have an IP thing just find it in the server list in the un-simplified list. We have spread to TF2 I will post the link to the thread soon but stop on by i play frequently so youll probably catch me playing and building a mansion :smiley: Here are the rules.

1.No Mingebags

  1. no destroying other peoples stuff.

  2. NO HACKING (lolhackers) using the mini-gun with the white background. (use the one without the white background I ill gladly spawn it for you.)

  1. Dont kill! Unless i start combine VS. Rebel war.

uh. LOL!?!!

OP, you should look at other adverts, come back and fix yours.

Agreed, you should also look at some tutorials to find out some missing information


I loled hard.

This isnt a competition for a million dollars right? if you got nothing better to do than posting useless comments on facepunch all day, why not do something about it ?

every advertisement does not have to be very good looking, thats what the advertise choose, you do not.

But this is BEYOND stupidity…
Or perhaps he lives on a cloud and really doesnt have “one of those IP thingys”…useless they are anyway!

Anyway, I think these comments will help him realise he needs to read up a little first before making a comitment. :slight_smile:

Well, the ip isn’t such a pain to find, but i bet he is young, everyone doesnt have perfect spelling and perfect advertisements

I hear word and open office have spellcheckers now days?

But really, if he is young, that most likely means its a home run server…

Which also means trumple, maybe, 3-6 players or maybe, if we’re lucky, 10? I can’t even handle a 5 server full on NPC war at home, thank god for servers=3

Yes thats what i’m getting at…if only the good ones were cheaper though!