Hi, facepunch! This is my very first post and contribution of screenshots in here!

The Heavy is stuck in the desert, but his dear sandvich is with him!

I knw the image looks very bad. I have highest image quality, but my graphics card won’t go higher then this, and it won’t accept Anti-aliasing.
If I set it higher the faceposing won’t work anymore :frowning:

Please comment it otherwise, if you can overlook the quality a little :slight_smile:

Here is a resized version, probably looks a little better, quality-wise!

The heavy looks like you fucked him up with the inflator tool :argh:

Well its your first posing so its good :smiley:
Posing is better than my first posing!

Ok… Since your new, here.

When taking screenshots, try to raise the graphics as high as you possibly can before taking the picture (especially Anti-aliasing), then if you have photoshop, gimp, or some other program, use that to do some minor touch up effects. Theirs also a large array of things in GMOD10 itself you can do to enhance the quality of the overall image.

Also, the image seems a little empty, but in itself, it’s fine.

I didn’t use the inflator tool. I guess it’s just that all TF2 characters have gigantic hands. maybe use Inflator tool to shrink hands a little? :smiley:

Also thanks :smiley:

Finger posing on the left arm is bad. Make another scene with heavy and sandvich!

Thanks for the tip! :smiley:

But as I said in the OP, it seems that if I raise my graphics any higher then what it is in the picture (Most things on Medium), the faceposing vanishes! It doesn’t matter how much I try and use the face poser or fingerposer, but it just won’t work :frowning:

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What do you mean?