My second screenshot from GMod :smiley:

Heavy is trapped in Jail. Sandvich is outside his cell, but he can’t reach it!

Here is a SLIGHLTY modified version, which is just slightly blurred to make the horrific quality dissapear :smiley:

Please comment :smiley:

Posing looks ok, uhmm. Better quality and little editing.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Can you use another map than gm_construct?

But a good pose.

do jpeg_quality 100

Well, I didn’t realize that’s gm_construct. Lovely.

Check my latest pictures. I use tf2-inspired maps in them.

u shudda done it on a tf2 map :wink:
but then again if heavy wants his sandvich dam hes gonna get his sandvich

Please look at my newest pictures, in which I use TF2 (inspired) maps.

Whats the deal with Heavy and the sandvichs anyway?

They’re yummy?

Heavy + Sandvich = Filled up HP.

That’s why he loves it so much.