Sandwich machine [short]

That was slightly funny at times! Good job!

Gordon Freeman is a douchebag.

lol this was actually kind of funny. i lol’d when you threw the ragdolls into the frame

good idea
god awful execution

I see yo try to make videos like Kitty.


All you’ll get is “OMG 2 MANY RAEP FAEC”

I’m even don’t try to make videos like kitty, i try videos make more different , with new sounds and new stuff beacuse last videos i saw was just cheap copy of dasboscitt or kitty

This is a cheap copy of Kitty in my opinion, what with the episode format of Heavy trying to do something.

I made it my way i didin’t copy any of that stuff

Also, learn grammar and spelling.

Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


Seriously, though, that sentence made no sense at all.

I quite enjoyed this