Sanic: Source - The best gamemode to ever grace the face of the Earth

Hello friendo and welcome to

Sanic Source is the best gamemode ever, I completely and 110%ly promise you. Stunning lore and visuals make great games. Here is an example of the in-game lore.

And here is the current gameplay environment.

The goal of the game is to get on with your friends and throw rings to defeat all the enemies. But before you can kill, you must find zen by finding the eight energy balls that will give you zen advice and psi energy. Then you will be tasked with defeating the eggman’s army with the power of the buttha. I have a github link for you to have. Please try it!

Spelling mistakes in intro. AWESOME!

This sarcastic comment was unneeded, unfunny and moronic.

Pot calling the kettle black.

Seems like it’s trying waaay too hard to be ironic and funny.

Rev will be streaming this on Vinesauce pretty soon

More effort has gone into this thread than over half of the ones you find in Games in Progress

This is literally my life’s work ;~;

It looks interesting!

I think the best part is how you manged to even break the bloom, or whatever that data moshing is, to make it also look terrible in accordance with the games… artstyle.

I threw it on my server for a bit and actually found it quite fun. I didn’t set the downloads properly, but you get the idea. Also, I got the 8 combine balls :smiley:
I strongly suggest taking the time to add the textures to your resources or you’ll end up with something like: Picture of doom

All in all 10/10 for creativity, 5/10 for including the resources, 8/10 for unique idea, 10/10 for grammar and spelling.

This is beautiful.


Much to the contrary, purposefully making content which is “so bad it’s funny” isn’t hard to do at all. Which is where part of the charm comes from.

I feel like by saying something like this is trying too hard, you either don’t know what it is to try hard at making something, or are missing the point of the mod entirely.


It’s like you people don’t even know what sanic is