Santa Bill kicking a zombie in the 'nads

His mouth looks a bit weird, that’s just the roof of his mouth, now that I look at it, I should tone down the bloom…

Zero bloom, colormod, and anything else in the image in case you want to edit it:



I lol’d.

I like how the cop zombie looks like he’s being lifted. :v:

That is why you don’t want to piss off Santa Bill.

Bill is yelling AAAAHH. Not sure if kicking zombies in the nuts is that effective. But it has a lot of coolness value I admit.
Is Santa Bill a model?

It’s a skin I made a while ago

Reminds me of the South Park episode when Mrs Garrison kicks the Persian in the balls, lol.

I remember that.

I like it. Bill’s face is hilarious.

If anyone wants I could release the Santa Bill skin.

Release it.

Now you all have a santa bill to shove a dildo in!

And then the Zoey was outraped.

Should I release it in the models/skins forum?

You could apply changes to Bill’s hat first. And the shirt. Then maybe it’s good to go.

I could possibly take care of that.

Bloom is a bit to powerfull-ish.
But I lol’d.
Nice job on that reskin, I just looked at it again and now I forgot what I wanted to say :confused:
Oh yes, make the beard a bit whiter so he looks even more santa-ish.

santa gone ninja

I think here is disagree rating spammer. But yeah, the pic is cool.

if bill was in fact a priest,he could have say “I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!”