Santa Hats

Name: Santa Hats
Creator: Shane
Date: 12/12/09
Size: 595kb
Desription: Spread the cheer santa is here! This is the perfect addon for christmas time! It adds a nice santa hat onto the player when they spawn. Each playermodel in the q menu has had this hat placed on them and fit for perfection! The models and such download to your client so no need to make them download it.

Only two playermodels don’t work:
Fast Zombie

These do not work because of very oddly shaped heads and the hats look really weird.

Two know problems:
Sometimes you need to move away for them to show but they work after.
When you die they get stuck which isn’t really a big deal.

You cannot see your own hat, the only way, which does not work every time is to use a camera and move far away and get closer. This works for me but not my friend so I am not sure. :slight_smile:

V2.1 Fixes:
Hats go invisible when dead
Hopefully fixed spawn problem
You can never see your hat
Fixed Model Spaz

If you use fastdl on your server FOLLOW THIS

Im going to try this :smile:.

Thanks i need this!

weird santa hat, it seems really fat.

They actually fit the models really well.

a REAL man would use PAC and tiny props to make one himself. But good job nonetheless, looks pretty good.

Fix the spawning glitch. It’s so damn annoying.

What spawning glitch?

Sometimes players don’t spawn with a hat, and moving far away doesn’t make it appear.

Hmm, I am running this on my server and I don’t seem to have this problem. Might be another mod that is conflicting with it.

Edit: I think I know what you mean, sometimes a players hat will become invisible, I will try to fix this, but for now only retrying will fix them.

Merry Christmas
(please don’t sue me for saying that)

My lawyers will be contacting you around 3 P.M. tomoro.

Everyone’s hat is showing as errors yet the files were downloaded.

I’ve implemented the addon and it downloads fine: the hats just aren’t applied. I tested it with a friend and on the camera yet there was no joy. I’m wondering if it conflicts with other hooks, but the console shows no errors. There is no errors for hats either - they just plain right out don’t exist.

I have rewrote alot of the functions on the hats, they seem to randomly have problems. I will be uploading a new version in a few hours. Sorry for the problems.

Thanks for your reply!

Oh God, that’s only 7 hours!

Alright guys V2 is up, link in op. Please yell at me if there are still problems it is hard to test this by myself. From what I have tested it seems to work though, have not had any hats disappear.

Edit: Models spaz… no idea why, fixing :frowning: sry

Do clients download the models automatically?

Yes, it might be a few before its back up… these things are constantly finding ways to break :L