Santa / Jack Skellington Santa Version

Was wondering if either of these could be made into player models?

If so, is there anyone who would be up to making them work for gmod if I buy them?

Why bother buying them when there’s a perfectly fine model available for Jack and Santa from KH2: Final Mix for free? They aren’t set up for GMod, but they’re definitely easier to get without having to pay anything.

Was not aware of them, is there a preview of those?

A very rough preview would be on their models-resource thumbnails from the KH2 page (which can be seen here). The models didn’t really change for them between KH2 and KH2: Final Mix, so they shouldn’t be too low in quality. Otherwise, here’s a couple of images that show their appearance a bit more thoroughly (albeit posed):[/thumb]

Yea those are not bad at all, would really like to see those as player models

If someone could make these player models I would love them forever