Santa mows down citizens!

I didn’t actually try hard on this, some friends were over and we were screwing around on Garry’s Mod and I made this.

-Awful graphics
-Ugly Santa model
-Stiff posing
-Ugly, blocky map
-Wide, empty, and unimpressive camera angles. And far too many of them.

This applies to all the pictures you have just recently released.

If you want any positive reactions you need to practice. Practice a lot.

And don’t release anything that you didn’t actually try on. If you yourself aren’t confident with your picture then why would you expect anybody to be impressed by it?

That’s it- it’s so bad it’s funny. :eng101:

No. It’s so bad… it’s bad.

Very bad.

Terribly bad.

There is literally nothing funny about it.

What am I supposed to laugh at?

Santa going on a rampage?

That would be a good idea if you actually had good presentation.

If this had been done well it could have maybe gotten some laughs, but this is so utterly terrible that it gets rid of any funny there could have potentially been.

Needs more sunglasses and a cigar.

(The Naughty and the Nice list)

Garry Newman
other peoples

Britney Spears
This poser

You don’t need everything to be presented on a golden platter for it to be entertaining.

Yes, but it at least it needs to be out of the dumpster.

I chuckled a little, but Vman is right about everything.

Aye but it helps.