Santa's Little "Helper"

Merry christmas!

Credits to killing floor for the body
Credits to valve for the head.

Creedits to Haxxer/Wasp for the modeling in general.

Credits to lebowski and wasp for hacking this shit together and doing the textures

credits to me for the finishing touches.

Really nice model!!
lolz at second pic XD



Perfect :smiley:

From the drug addled mind of Lebowski to you, the facepunch users.

Good work on the hack and skinning guys.

Christmas Sexposes, here I come!

Awesome. Needs a Santa hat personally :dance:

Her face is ugly as fuck. :v:

I second this!

But the rest is hot, as our friend Fort showed us

I don’t think it’s the face itself as the phong and rimlightning on it. Makes it look waxy.

I was hoping for the dog from The Simpsons.

fffffffffffffffff ai you released it too early you fool you didn’t have the foot texture fix

people download this file

and drop it into your
materials/models/haxxer/santashelper folder
replace if asked

Now release a brown paper bag model

There’s two other perfectly good looking citizen faces, why you you use one of the uglier ones?

Iunno lol, ask Haxxer/wasp, I only did the main body bumpmaps.

can someone upload the file to and give here some link? cuz in now all fcked up with the log throught steam…

(User was banned for this post ("Warez [JohnnyMo1]" - Asaratha)) is working just fine.

Buy the game.

Pirate. Dont make excuses.