SantosRP Error

So i was offered the gamemode SantosRP from some guy if i do a web dev job for him. So i did and this is one of the biggest errors i get.

[ERROR] gamemodes/taloslife/gamemode/init.lua:69: attempt to index field ‘SQL’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - gamemodes/taloslife/gamemode/init.lua:69

Now what i think this is saying is that SQL is not defined. I looked through all the files thats its linked to and still not defined.
What could i define this as if someone got a working Santos.

i apologise for what I’ve done

All this SantosRP shit is starting to get very annoying.

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Please stop trying to create a server with private files that are most likely broken. You will find no help here.

I’ve already told you countless times; asking to define a value that doesn’t exist is nonsensical. Either deduce what is supposed to be from its usage in the game mode and try to fill in the gaps or remove all instances of it.

Go for the second option; remove SQL from the gamemode :v:

Can we get a “SantosRP Help” subfourm?

or just report the santos threads. it’s a leaked gamemode and warez is bannable here on fp.