SantosRP - You're Story [VIDEO]

Sir Wallace Bryson decided to ruin our fun, so instead of a youtube embed, enjoy:

This gamemode looks really cool, what do you guys think?

This gamemode looks really cool, what do you guys think?

This is an original code_gs production™


Original video was taken down.

Just looks like regular old rp, what’s so special about it?




Your voice is so nice sounding. Every time I record myself saying shit it sounds like someone took a tape recording of a cat being dragged through a cactus field, threw the tape in a blender, then attempted to play the now blended tape through dollar store headphones.

“You’re Story”

pretty certain they want you to send your fuckin CV and do an interview before they’ll even let you join

They do, I am apart of it and I have to say it is fucking amazing.
Everything in the gamemode is custom, models and everything. It is real serious as well so like fear rp is big in it but it is really awesome and fun! The one thing I love is the different jobs like a mail man you get a way point and you are able to deliver packages which is fun. So many cool things and it is awesome!

Rustic regularly shells out hella cash for custom cars/car skins and shit, so he must be making quite a bit of $$$

It’s that way on purpose if you check out the original video

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Most likely because the guy voicing over is Mexican.

  1. fear RP
  2. fun
    pick one

also cool you get to be a mailman and do reverse fetch quests all day, now you too can find out why postmen frequently go off their rocker and shoot up their offices

nice, is this the game mode where you go to jail for 6-24 hours for jawalking? Count me in!

Eh I like the realism just because it’s cool

It only took 26 tries :v:

Why am I a meme now?

You’re the new tenrys

wow undercover advertising