Santz's Compilation - Knights, assassins, robots, dwarves, aliens, hydras and a lot more!

**This might take a while to load, so go grab a soda or beer while you wait.
And before anything, I would like to thank the people that inspired me and the community for the helpful tips that helped me improve so much.**

Without further delay, here you have all my work, from first to last!

Assassin smokes after a job (Blood spam lol)

Assassin does a falcon punch!

Hitman blows up a building

Assassin on a sandstorm

Helicopters flying through a desert

Demon Knight bashes zombie

The Clash of two Nations

Blood 2 Soldiers patrolling(Sharpen lol)

Knight resting on a forest(My first scenebuild)

Assassin jumps to a building


Death has come to claim your soul!

That’s obviously not working human

Bring it on freaks, lets dance

Fallout crew gets some rest

Snake strangles an enemy!

They see me rolling…

Left 4 Bikes

The Air Raid Antlion division!

There is no left here…

It’s an ambush! Fall back!

The last glimpse

The Art of Robbing

Do not let them reach the cloning facilities!

The Japanesse Vortex Armor

Mixed Instincts

Death to the enemies of the Union!

Wrath talking to the dead

Giant robot walks through a destroyed city while firing his rifle.

I’m going to be okey… Right doc?

Gentlemen argue about the food

The Dwarf Tavern

Sorcerer makes an offer you cant refuse!

Grievous kicking clone’s ass!

Heroes encounter a hydra lair

Soldier about to be surprised

The Combine moving through the rain

Rebel’s War Machinery

Vortigaunts Arrival to Earth

Giant robot after ripping and tearing

Mexican and African dude about the clash in a battle!

I’m not including pictures I edited from other persons only because I cant put them up(Its only 50 picture per post) but I will try to add them in another post later.
Again I would like to thanks the community and all the people that took the time to post in my threads, you were my main inspiration in Gmod!

Also, I’m taking suggestions on which picture use for my Museum Logo! I can’t decide myself so a little help would be great!

-space holder for Santz’s edits from other peoples pics-

Whole collection is nice, my favorite is the “Vortigants Arrive on Earth”.
Editing is top notch on most, all though the snow doesn’t look amazing. Your progression is pretty expansive also, editing and posing wise.

Wow I haven’t seen half of these and I try to keep up with your work.
Nice to have ya back Buddy.

The first 25 images or so aren’t loading for me

Really? Damn, I must have fucked something up while linking them from Dropbox… :suicide:

Gonna fix it asap.

Thanks man!

Great screenshots, man.

Thanks man!

Now I fixed the pictures(I hope), everyone should be available to see them.

Neat collection. Liked “Mexican and African dude about the clash in a battle” and “The Dwarf Tavern” best.

Rating dumb.

How could you use the Sith from KOTOR II like that?!


Avatar fits.

I remember some of those, good to see them in a Compilation now :buddy:

Are you kind of mentaly retarded my good sir?

Nice stuff right there, santz.

Some were good some were better but some were amazing and have been deemed worthy of being in my background slide-show.

how did u get hydra model and predalien model

Look at the dates before posting.

yeah man why the fuck u bumped this horse shit?


Oh shit its my thread

I see you find Sith Lords rather sexy.

Does anyone have the soldiers in the 12 picture?
plus the one were the bog combine stabs the soldier