São Paulo 1 and 2 Down - Rust

Good evening.

Facepunch são paulo going down every 5 minutes, can you take a look please? Has been a while

It’s really impossible to play. 5 minutes, down. 5 minutes, down. Can’t even build something and then… Down. It happened a little bit last wipe but not like this.

this impossible play, every 4 minutes drops the server, this way can give wipe again because ningume can play


Now it’s 15 seconds and DOWN. We Rust PowerPoint now, boys.

I think they do not even read us

Same problem, can you guys please fix this really fast? Everyone’s been waiting for wipe and now this. pleeeease

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There’s over 300 people on the server, why don’t you create an account and reply this topic and help us.
(Tem mais de 300 pessoas no server, porque voce nao cria uma conta e responde o topico pra nos ajudar.)

15 hours of this problem in a row

facepunch suck

(User was banned for this post ("Don't be rude" - postal))

Don’t know what to say. That sucks!

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Many players expecting this to be resolved and so far nothing.

Please, I would like to report a very unpleasant situation.
Both of the official servers (São Paulo 1 and 2) are having serious connection problems since the last wipe. The São Paulo 1 server has not been online since the wipe day (March, 3rd), and São Paulo 1 stayed online for just a few hours and now is crashing all the time. If someone has contact with these server’s hosts, please, tell me. Observation: Official Servers from other parts of the world are online and not crashing.

any answer guys? trying to solve the problem?

The issue has been only for brazilian’s servers unfortunately. We need a solution!


Same thing today. São Paulo 1 and SP 2 down again.
Please, fix :smile:.


Edit: Sao Paulo 2:

Down again. SP 1 and 2.

Saturday night, HERE WE GO! ops, server down

So people are being banned from forum because they are asking for a solution?

Anyway, I am able to connect to the server after a lot of efforts, however, can’t wake up or do any action. Funny thing is that TheCleaner (known hated player) is the only one available to play and even raided into my base and killed me with a hatchet.