We are really new community. Our name is SapphireBuild. Try coming to our servers and enjoy your stay
The one benefit at our server is that almost everyone can be an admin here!
We are running an Custom Maps on our servers, also an !rtv system.
If you want to be for example respected player you need to collect 30 hours on server and 10 posts on forums.
Our server have:
FastDL, PHX*, Wire*, SpaceBuild*, ULX/ULib*, Waterizer, Anti-Noclip, Hoverboards, Stacker (Advanced), Much useful addons…
We have allowed 3 NPC’s but only citizens so people can’t make an Poison Zombie on Spawn.
Server is up 24/7, is hosted in UK datacenter.
Server’s Website is
Also we have forum with more then 2000 posts at
IP address of our servers is:
Our server is 12 slot + bot, so 11 players can join.
We are not big community, so 1 server/11 slots is not much i know, but… we are new community and hope we will expand more.
If you like our server and want to buy Premium that have more then 30 awesome benefits for 2.5€/month.

Almost everyone can be admins, so it is kinda every idiot that joins the server can be admin, and why you should have NPCs on a “build” server, and there also alot of crap addons like Waterizer, SpaceBuild(that’s a gamemode anyway), and Hoverboards,

And the advert looks crap (well atleast you put the IP in it…)

HUUR DURR can I be admin now? Thanks.
Ima go make a poision zombie on the spawn now.

Fail iminent.

you’ve been running for 6 months at least if not longer

Why is waterizer crap? how it annoys you? How can Citizen’s damage you? What’s wtong at having SpaceBuild on server when using sandbox? SpaceBuild have a lot of useful models not just for ship, also much useful tools not just for spaceship. Why is advert crap? WHAT PROBLEM YOU HAVE?

Because “anyone can be admin there”
Thats a fail in itself…its like giving the keys of a car to a 10 year old…you just wouldnt do it

You talk like freaking Yoda from Star Wars.

And i suppose that with “Space build” you mean “Space build enhancement project”, as space build itself has no models for things like ships and whatnot.

And why the fuck do you have a bot on your server?

You can get it by getting requirements and SUPPORTS from another players.


You can test your turrets or battleships, better then someone will kill other players. Yes, It’s SBEP.