Sarah Kerrigan in wrong game.



That smoke(?) on the left side coming out of the SCAR looks really odd.

I like those models you used though, and the posing is pretty good.

like i said before, the vest needs more shading, posing isnt your best
but overall its a pretty nice pic

Can’t see a damn thing.

Wow Looks Good

Great picture, editing is okay, lighting is somehow bothering me, is that a smoke trail or a tracer?

Only a matter of time.

the shading on the face is bad, if it’s on her face it should be on her cap too

The gun’s a bit far away from her shoulder, btw who’s sarah kerrigan?

She’s a story character from starcraft if I’m not mistaken.


For some reason I have a feeling that the crouching guy’s hands are going to hurt quite a lot from the way he’s holding the gun.
It seems to be too far away from his body to be honest.

Blind firing