Sarah Kerrigan (Queen of Blades)

I’m just wondering if anybody is willing to bring Sarah Kerrigan/Queen of Blades into GMOD, since I had an idea for a screenshot.

Here’s what she looks like in StarCraft 2:

Actually, i heard there were attempts to make her, but the “project” was dumped after complications.

But actually, I HAVE A MODEL (along witz heratul) as a mod for Fallout 3, which adds them as “wearable costumes/armor”. So if someone is intrested, i’m more than eager to contribute to the making of Kerrigan and Zeratul.

Oh, and yes, they are the awesome detail, cinematic models. NOT the gameplay ones.


That would be awesome! Thanks!

Perhaps, if someone will make it.

Mutle, if you have it as a Fallout 3 mod then it wouldn’t be hard to convert the models contained in the .NIF file to .OBJ format through Nifskope. The only downside is that it would have to be completely re-rigged before it could actually work in GMod since .OBJ format includes the rigging. I can probably take care of converting it into .OBJ format if you provide a link to it, as well as converting the textures to .VTF format, but someone else would have to take up rigging the model itself (as well as tweaking it, if necessary).

There’s a NIF importer for Blender that retains rigging. It’s only for sub-5 versions of blender, but once you have it imported, you can save it as whatever else and open it in the Blender version or other program of choice.

Since you included a few other models in the archive you sent me, here’s a picture of Zeratul’s model to hold you over until it’s all converted. Still need to convert and piece the other models, as well as convert their textures. Tonight shall be a busy one.

Holy fucking shit.

This is the best thing ever!
Please do make haste making zeratul!

if you wanted someone to beta test anything, i can be the man.

Niiice, now let’s see Kerrigan! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw if you send me the converted files, me and my friend can start working on it.

Sorry pal, but I’m just getting the models converted into a format that can be used for compiling. I’m not going to be rigging or compiling this.

Besides, I suck at rigging character models in general. The last time I rigged a character model for a Source game, it’s head was hovering around the crotch for some odd reason, and I still have yet to know why after following a bunch of tutorials. :v:

I’m trying to get them all converted, I’ve been having a hell of a time getting it all taken care of due to personal issues. You’ll be getting the models soon enough, all I ask is for your patience in return.

I guess I’ll be picking that converted models when your done,.

I’ll take the challenge of trying for those converted one’s aswell.

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Probably you didn’t connect the head bones to the model’s skeleton thats why that happened.
Rigging is a hard thing to work on that i know.

Eh, most likely. Wouldn’t surprise me if I neglected to do that, it happened 2 years ago when I first started out with rigging a player model for CS:S. I thought it would be easy based on the tutorials I was following. I found out that it isn’t as easy as it seemed the hard way.

In any case, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put a bit of a delay on this. This past week hasn’t been going well for me due to personal issues, and I’m just feeling overwhelmed with what I’ve got going on. I’ll most likely get this finished by the day after tomorrow, but I really need a break.

Sorry if i sounded too rushing, i didn’t mean to. I’m just a little bit excited.

As for the personal issues, i hope the situation will be solved, with a “happy end”.

Alright, I got back to work on converting the models, and progress has improved slightly. Here’s a picture of the Phantom model.

I like this one a lot, lol.

I assume you have a non english version of SC - the actual name is Spectre, not phantoms.

Ghost as non terrazine modified psychics and Spectres as the terrazine modded ones behind Tosh.

Actually, I don’t even own SC. I’m just going by what the model files were labeled in the archive I was sent via PMs when I started converting them.


Mini update, Kerrigan’s model is now converted. I’ll get the last one converted here shortly, need to finish something else first.

if it’s done it’s done but there was a model made for ut3 which is pretty good.

Unless you folks say otherwise, I’m thinking I might throw in one of the generic female heads from Half-Life 2…having this thing without a head just seems a bit odd to me.

I still need to convert the textures to .VTF format. I’ll get started on that tomorrow.

why not create a new face? I tried exporting models from daz3d and it works, they are very high poly though,…