Sarahan Spy

Rate and C&C

I like it.

Epic, loving the fezz

Ouch, the jpeg quality.

png is better :stuck_out_tongue:

Could use more interesting lighting.

lot of weird blur and it look like old teacher of mine


ofcourse without the gun lol if he brouht a gun to class evry1 would freak


same with a knife


and the dead guy :X

RMS your posts got very weird. Werent you the guy that did the shadow study?

dont be ridiculous, my child

Yeah, if you want huge file sizes. The only thing PNG is good for is simple color images like logos.

JPEG is good for actual photos. JPEGs set to level 12 compression (in Photoshop) will be half the file size of the same image if saved as PNG and it’ll look just as good.