Saren and Garrus (Mass Effect)

Since people were releasing stuff for Christmas I thought I may as well jump into the fun. Please note I still have work to do on these ragdolls, so no eye, face or finger posing at this time (and they may be a little too big).

I sincerely ask you to have fun with them while I adress the aforementioned issues.

Now pics or gtfo:[/media]

Credits go to:
-Bioware: Models
-Me: Porting

Now go pose something.


*Merry Christmas + 1!!!*

Looks good! I’m always happy to see some Mass Effect ports. Have an artistic, on me.

Nice ports, they look great!

Fucking awesome. Now do Tali.

or Liara

Oooh, awesome. You say you’ll work on Finger/eye/face posing? I shall wait for those then :slight_smile:

Do both :q:

Thanks a lot for the turians!

Seems to have Tali.

Niiiiice. Good work.

These look good.

Probs won’t download these now, but when they get faceposed, eye posed, etc, they’ll be sexy as hell.

I was wondering when there was going to be Mass Effect model ports.

Any chance for Shepard being next?


Oh, I found one.

In case anyone else wants it, it’s here -

this is greaat

This thread needs moar Conrad Verner.

Now stop cockwaving wolfe.

Mass Effect was a fun game. [sp]I was a little disappointed when I made Saren commit suicide in the end, thereby depriving myself of the pleasure of kicking his ass into the next galactic era.[/sp]


I agree with Urbanator though.

Kind of strange too how Garrus’ eyes look more like Chellick’s eyes.

I find it ironic that DICKnogger was the one who told you to do that…

is there any chance of an npc version of this?

a npc version whould probally require a animator and a modeler?