Saren and Garrus V2

Version 2 out!!

-Resized ragdolls so now they’re a bit taller than regular humans
-Faceposing (Eyelids and mouth)
-Bodygroups! (For Garrus’ visor)
-Changed Garrus’ eye color so it’s more fitting now

Sadly, no fingerposing! D: …Yet!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!

To toggle Garrus’ visor:
Bodygroup 1, Subgroup 0-1

No pics, no clicks? Well then fuck you!

Nah, just kidding:

-Bioware: Models
-Me: Porting

Enjoy, have fun, pose something.

I got a Mass Erection from this release.

I think that I will enjoy, have fun, and pose something with these.


Funniest thing I’ve ever seen in the model section.

Except maybe that cat with the dick.

Fantastic job on the face flexes.

Oh god! I can’t wait for the other ragdolls!


Faceposeable garrus!?

Good show ol’ chap.

Finally! After waiting 2 years, someone finally released Saren

Actually this is version 2, so Saren had already been released before.

im having some trouble spawning the the ragdolls, i.e. they come out invisible. how is the structure of the folders supposed to go?


Mass Effect 1 Garrus had a really low-res face texture. Would be great if someone ported the Garrus from ME2 (the one before he goes Terminator)

You’re right.
I just played ME1 and Garrus really has terrible textures.
So I snip previous post.

You know what?
I’m downloading this, it sounds cool.


And I just can’t wait to see even more ME1 and ME2 models.