Saren and Jessica got into a fight.


That being said, Saren is abusive.

-What did they fight over? Jessica found out Saren was also doing Elexis.
-Why is Saren choking her? He’s wearing the pants in this relationship. Plus, he’s flexing his robo-muscles.
-Does this mean they’re through? There’s no chronological story that I am following, just having fun with models.
-Will Jessica even meet the love of her life? That’s if her life is long enough to get out of this relationship
-Can we get some pictures of Saren fight? I mean right now you’re just a dick waving in our faces showing off that model. So when? Soon as I think of something… :saddowns:

Ahh that’s better, Good boy Benny.

Awww yeah, now were talking.

Amazing job.

This is by far the most fucked up relationship I have ever seen. Great job!

I’d kill to have this as my desktop. :v:

Aww but they made such a good couple.

I could probably make it mroe fucked up. :smug:

That would be interesting.

Or possibley disturbing.

Final bump, and when I get home I shall post another picture. Maybe.

great like the posing

Love can be rough sometimes, especially if one of them’s a jerk-ass.