Saren gets in a prison brawl with a xenophobic Francis.

Saren was just on a routine mission, had to get some information from an inmate at the Purgatory prison complex. Some lawless inmates like Francis Delahunt don’t take to kindly to turians since the Contact War.

Rate and comment. Plox.

-There are two Jinrai guys in the background, due to their horrid posing I cropped the image
-Since the two fighting are in the canteen fighting there was a dude eating, whom I also cropped out.
-Saren hates humans now that he broke up with Jessica
-Saren is also a lot more of a dick now that he broke up with Jessica
-Saren still screws Elexis because Elexis is trying to do some interspecies breeding as an experiment… or something.
-In the middle of creating this pose, I forgot I was making an action pose and nearly made it a sex pose. :saddowns:

Oh and Jessica got a new boyfriend. WHO COULD THIS MYSTERIOUS STRANGER BE??? (Fallout 3 unrelated)

Funfact: Francis actually did have a last name. He had originally been named Francis Barrels, but then the removed the last names (except for Bill, who has his last name Overbeck on his jacket)


Pretty good lookin.

“I ain’t gonna let these goddamn mutants beat me!”
“Francis! They are ALIENS!”

Ok seriously, with my Mass Effect fix is going on, what is your ‘Shepard’ bio?

I have no clue, for several months now I have been meaning to send in my 360 so I could continue playing the game again. All I know about my character is that he looks like Gary Sinise and he’s an Infiltrator.

Thanks for the comments.

To The Vman, I was aware of Francis’ last name, but I just wanted to use the name Delahunt for something so badly. :v:

Now, I have homework to do.

Also, notes added.

Some pretty dramatic posing there. Nice work.

God Jessica moves quickly from one…prawn to the next guy. What a filthy whore.

How do you know that Francis had a last name?

Posing is great, edit is good. All-in-all a good screenshot.

Poor poor sauren :c

Awesome man, looks AW-SUM**.**



Aww I wan’t to see the Jinrai guys. I <3 those dudes. Were they supposed to be prison guards?

Something like that I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will post the original once I get home. If I remember.