"Sarge, I think you hit somebody's dog."

That’s a Zergling, Lester. It’s a smaller kind of Zerg-


And a bonus:

It still doesn’t change the fact that you hit somebody’s dog.


All in-game editing. C&C?

very nice use of lamps.

only gripe is you could have maybe put down a light that’s just a LITTLE blue to fill in the really dark areas – it’d look more nighttime and less pitch black.

Man, that brings back memories…

I love you, Sarge.

They usually don’t come out this far unless-
Oh shit.

That Vort’s about open up a can, one that I expect to be filled with a whoopass-like substance.

Nice. I like this. The lighting looks very realistic.

Finally, a picture that looks realistic without that hideous brown tint. I am very impressed with the lighting, especially since it’s all in-game. The posing looks solid too. My favorite is the second one; it’s very atmospheric.

“It’s a Zerglin’ Lester. A smaller type of Zerg. It would’nt be out this far unless…Oh shit!”


Need to do the one with the marines with the bomb.

“Cold fusion”