"Sarge, it's..really goddamn quiet."


I wasn’t home during the Vietnam pose craze cut me some slack.

Sarge, your avatar is really nice!

Nice lighting and atmosphere, the smoke and the “lit” effect on the cigerette could use a little work.

“… then, it felt like somethin’ just jumped out ‘n’ bit me.”

He needs to be smoking more cigarettes.

That’s pretty much very awesome.

Holy shit this looks real!

The lighting is just so sexy.

Nice, really awesome.

That plant. . .its a rectangle, I love it, especially the cigarette light, and smoke

Blame the limitations of the pre-Orange Box Source Engine in terms of poly count etc.

It is… Beautiful…

And then I found my new desktop background.

Nice atmosphere. The soldiers are not wet at all tough, but it’s okay since it took me while to see they’re in the water. Not a big fan of the cigarette smoke and light but that’s okay-ish.

I don’t know about you but I think smoking on a night patrol would be a baaad idea.

Great lighting.

The lighting is great. Posing is good enough.

i would make love to the lighting if my penis, ironically, hadn’t been shot off in nam by Vietcong officials.

amazing, like out of a movie

LOVE the lighting. How’d you do it? Or is it “A good magician never reveals his tricks” kind of thing?

Brilliantly done, good sir.

I’d say it’s really good pic. But if real soldier with training smokes are cig during night. He might not be a sergeant.