"Sarge... what the fuck is that?" Russian and US special forces come across a new enemy.

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Sort of a prelude to the 7 Hour War. More to come.
Ingame editing only. C&C appreciated.

Oh my God that blur. It’s not good.

The posing on some of the guys is pretty bad, but most look alright, if a little stiff.

Hm. Actually I have one without DoF too, I think I’ll replace it.

And I HATE the guy with the M4s posing; I couldn’t even do anything with it.

No, you need DoF, but make sure it’s SuperDoF, or else you may as well draw dicks on the picture in MSPaint.

When will you people learn that the Combine did NOT have Overwatch soldiers in the 7 Hour War?

I mean seriously, use some basic logic goddamnit.

Russia? And the US? Not shooting at each other?!

Nice change of pace for once.

Ok you’re right, and while I don’t know all that much about the true story of HL2, that wasn’t really what I meant, so referencing it to the 7HW was probably a bad idea.

The point of this screenshot was to kind of define a more orthodox war against the combine, that was being fought by soldiers and not beanie-wearing buggy-driving citizens.

Also, this was not a random bump! I’ll be adding on to the OP soon, rather than making a new thread.

The posing was improving and zoom with the camera. The viewing angle is not very good.
But there are already good, then continues :smile:

I like the idea of the prelude storyline, despite the obvious problem that there werent Overwatch soldiers in the 7 Hour War.

Keep it up.

I thought it was ponies.