SAS getting head shotted

Well I posted up the unedited version of this about an hour ago and I decided to try to my hand at editing it. Came back to edit my original post and put it on to find out it was locked! Really I have no clue why unless the title was’nt good enough (what you dont see) which is all I could think to name it at the time.
Anyways here is my edited version (i know i’m not the best)

my original can be found here

Looks good, especially the blood.
Why is smoke expanding of the gun already?

Haha, very good point, was’nt thinking to well at the time but I did that before I did the rest could be one reason I did’nt think of it, didnt plan on placing the bullet on screen till the end.

I’m pretty sure the blood wouldn’t be visible that soon after impact, you would probably just see a slight trail of blood vapor.

Well going off the bullet would push blood, skull, and brains a lil bit yeah I’m sure there would be quite a bit pretty fast, but yeah probly a lil exessesive.

Sas’s posing looks weird. Don’t use original css gun skins. Get weapon pack or something.

Grain is a little heavy.

Why I’m seeing a pipe with a blank face on it(look closer to the debris)unless its the map’s fault…

Map default HL2 campaign map. edit No props cept the 2 dead bodys if you even see them

Yeah, this was pointed out in my op that got locked for some reason, it’s more of a perspective where I had him walking and wanted to cut out a lil of that building to the left. I figured it was fixed considering his brains are pretty much gone, doubt you’d be standing straight up with a hole in your head.

About the CSs gun skins yeah I downloaded weapon skins before I worked on this sadly I could not get them to spawn in game so I just went with M4A1.

Looks fine to me : / but thx for the helpful cirticism

The bullet trail its a little exaggerated, and the SAS looks stiff(He is getting headshotted!).
The grain doesn’t seem to be a problem for me. But the blood is cool.

Hmm, bad spelling award… for wasn’t and don’t… nice


Woops, sorry, bad habit, spam that post with bad spelling ratings.
Rated myself bad spelling too!

Exaggerated… more like artistic quality.