SAS guy unaware of Zombie behind him.

I have the scene saved, anything I need to fix or edit?

I like the first picture better, but I feel the zombie is too lit up, even in the first one, and the light shining on it is too “spotlight-y”. That is, it doesn’t look natural.

I think it’d be better with a dull light (even duller than the one you have in the first) hanging from above, so it looks like the building’s electricity was out.

Other than that, I like it. Posing looks good and everything.

Okay, thanks! I’ll see to editing it later tonight.

Have fun =3

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I agree with the lighting, seems to strong.
I like the posing but the there’s some clipping on his hand, and I would have used a different gun because it seems a little blocky.

I like it though, looks good. :smile:

How’d you fix the guys arms?

Check my other thread about illegal downloaders. I have the link posted in there.

loving the title

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I like the idea you’ve got here. I really like the wavy lighting you used. But I’d suggest having the characters not look directly at the camera, feels a bit less dramatic in my opinion. But still, doesn’t ruin it or anything.

Here’s an idea for maybe a future pose of yours. Try using lighting from unique places. For instance, the lighting on the bitch in your pic could have came from a fallen SAS’ flashlight. I think that would really click in a scene like this :smiley:

“Alright- 'ere we have a zombie in it’s natural 'abitat…”