SAS man shoots at stuff off-screen

Generic shit.

And an error in the w_famas model, the ejection port is on the left. But that wouldn’t be very good to put the shells in his face.

editing is pretty decent, except the green stuff

Why are his eyes green

His eyes are glowing. Why? :v:

The SAS don’t use the FAMAS…

they use the mp5 or g36 mostly. It’s still a decent pose.

You get a funny because you said “SAS Man” and it made me rofl.

Pose is very good, as is the editing. But he’s not a combine soldier, his eyes being green makes me a little… off about it. Ha.

uh mp5 and g36c arent the only ones they even use m4a1,m16a4,l85,l22a2,awms,g36k,g36c,sigp228,remington870,m60,m249,mg36,blah blah blah telling to much here…


Awesome i like it :slight_smile: