SAS Necrotics Clean-up Squad

I know it isn’t that good, it’s just that I wanted to make something more serious than before.

Posing is good, however, the filters aren’t, make sure to see what works best and what dosen’t. Sharpen, toytown and normal DOF don’t work so well. Make sure to do a bit of post processing in PS/

Thank you, Jacknife. I’ll make sure to use more appropriate Post-processing.

Ease off those filters, bro. Posing’s just fine, but there needs to be some more stuff. Right now it’s really bland with just four ragdolls and only two props.

In other news, 10 posts and already banned? Holy shit, I think that’s a record.


Nevermind. Sh4rpSh00tah did it in 7.

Time to kill some Ghouls Mates!

Heh, I’m glad that someone can recognize them behind that DoF. :stuck_out_tongue:

Zoom that camera in! Fix that FOV!

Play enough Fallout and you can recogmize them anywhere.